About Me

My journey into the world of therapy began when I sought therapy (NLP/hypnotherapy) following the birth of my daughter after transitioning from being a couple to being a small family of three. During the mid-90s, I had some counselling, which led me to feeling a calling to provide counselling to others as a way of really being heard, just as I had felt heard.

With a diverse background and a passion for understanding human processes, I bring a unique blend of skills to Mind Calm Therapies. My pathway into the world of therapy began with a psychology degree from the Open University from the year 2000. This foundational knowledge gave me insights into the intricate bio-psycho-social workings of the human mind and a thirst for more learning.

I continued my education, acquiring expertise in Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, BWRT, and EFT, continually expanding my toolkit through ongoing reading and study. Currently, I am immersed in a Mind Calm Master Coach course with Sandy Newbigging.

Prior to my psychology pursuits, I held roles as a PA and Office Manager, supporting Managing Directors in the dynamic landscape of multinational companies. This professional experience deepened my appreciation for the complexities of human relationships and the importance of well-being.

My therapeutic approach is tailored to your unique requirements and provide a safe space for you with my integrative counselling approach. Hypnotherapy and solution-focused techniques can help guide toward your desired outcome. My spiritual mindset acknowledges the energy that shapes our lives. Through coaching, we can set achievable goals and ensure you remain accountable, with the flexibility to adjust as needed, unfettered by external definitions of success.

At Mind Calm Therapies, I am committed to your well-being and personal growth

Together, we will explore your inner landscape, unearth your strengths, and work toward lasting positive change. Your journey starts here, with a dedicated therapist who understands the complexities of the human experience.

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